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SCSEP Application

Terms of IPDC SCSEP Senior Community Service Employment Program Online Application.


Basic Program Requirements:

    1. Must be 55 or above

    2. Must be unemployed

    3. Must be a resident in an area where the Program serves

    4. Must be legally able to work in the U.S. and complete an I-9 Form

    5. Must be income eligible

    6. Must be able to provide supporting documents for enrollment

  1. If enrolled in SCSEP, you may lose part or all of certain public benefits you receive such as: Public Housing; Food Stamps; SSI/SSDI; Medicaid; Unemployment or, any other public benefits.

  2. You MUST be interested in getting a job and exit off the program as soon as possible so the program could help other people who need assistance. This includes cooperating with the Project Director and their Site Participants with job search and job readiness activities.

  3. SCSEP is not designed for you to be enrolled long term. Ideally, you will find employment and exit from SCSEP in less than 3-6 months. Your job is to get a job; our job is to help you.

  4. The program is not an entitlement, nor is it designed to provide income maintenance, where someone just wants to be on the program to have an income; or to use the program as a supplement for other income.

  5. Any income you are receiving must be reported at time of enrollment. Willfully giving incorrect income information will disqualify you from the program.

  6. If enrolled, you will be required to comply with an Individual Employment Plan (IEP).

  7. If enrolled, you will be expected to be on an assignment for up to 20 hours per week at a host agency.

  8. A completed application does not mean enrollment. Enrollment starts on the first day of assignment.

  9. If enrolled, you will receive the higher of the Federal or State minimum wage per hour for each hour worked in your assignment.

  10. If enrolled, you cannot work your assignment from your home or the home of anyone. But, you may accept employment to work from your home or the home of someone else.

  11. If enrolled, you will be expected to have a bank account to receive your wages via direct deposit.

  12. If you are not registered with a State Workforce, you must do so within two weeks and provide proof of registration to the Project Office.

  13. If enrolled, you will be expected to conduct yourself in a respectful and professional manner while on the program.

  14. Your application will be reviewed by the Project Director. The Project Director will determine if you will be enrolled based on your eligibility, suitability, and other criteria. Enrollment is not determined on a “first come, first-serve” basis


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